Senior Adaptation to the Virtual Environment

The Erasmus Plus project „SAVE – Seniors Adaptation to the Virtual Environment” is created together with the seniors community and results from the extensive experience of the applicant and Partners. We want to expand and develop the digital competences of seniors by using IT tools and using them to create specific work products such as photos, texts, videos. Older people who declare active use of the Internet, faced with the need to transfer their practical activities to the online world, realize that they are not fully coping with it. Elderly people, often rich in life experience and knowledge, feel fear and aversion towards modern devices that have dominated the world today. We want to encourage older people to pursue their passions using digital tools. At the same time, we emphasize that creative lessons should, in addition to goals in the creative field, also pursue goals in the cognitive, emotional, motivational and action areas. The connecting element of these tools is that they require learning and developing digital competences related to the operation of devices and interfaces, searching for resources on the Web, analyzing online resources, applying appropriate data formats, and using ICT communication tools.

The Leader of this project is Manko Association, Partners: SHINE 2Europe (Portugal), AFEdemy, Academy on age-friendly environments in Europe (Netherlands), Zena Association (Croatia), Eurokreator (Poland)

Project results including e-learning materials, Good practices and European Senior Voice on official SAVE platform

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